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Frugal Quick Tips & E-Zine marketing . . .
Tips by Terri Gray of


  1. Make use of thank you pages:

  2. Do you have a reply form or order form on your site? If so, where does it take your prospect/client after they have filled it out? Wherever it goes, make sure you take advantage of that space, by turning it into another marketing opportunity and not just another thank you page! Consider the following . . . 

    Include a way for your prospect to subscribe to your in-house mailing list. That way you can keep them informed of new products, services, specials etc. Referrals and repeat business are your livelihood! Make it easy for these "hot prospects" to join your list!

    This page is also a GREAT place to post banner ads for other products or services you are promoting. Your prospect just finished going through your site, and is quite likely looking for somewhere else to visit. Make it easy for them to find something new to check out!

    Thank you pages on other people's sites are also great places for you to buy advertising. You have a captive audience. There is no other information to read, they've just finished going through that site. It's a perfect opportunity for a click thru to your site! You can even exchange banners, in this location, with other sites who target your same market. 

E-zine Marketing:

Advertising in e-zines that TARGET your specific market is a GREAT way to generate more sales and leads. Starting your own e-zine is another good way to build your business and your sales. Below are resources to help you locate e-zines to advertise in, as well as resources to help you get your own e-zine off the ground!!

Ezine Databases: 

Ezine Resources:
  • Free Articles & E-zine Builder
  • ZINE-TALK is an e-mail-based discussion list for Editors, Publishers, and all others involved or interested in electronic publications. Topics range from selling advertising, marketing, to newsletter delivery formats, frequency, software and resources for editors and publishers, etc. 
Make Your Ad Count:

If you don't feel comfortable writing your own ad copy, seek the services of a professional copywriter. You'll pay once for the initial creation of the ad(s) and will be able to continue using them for as long as you like. The cost of a professionally written ad will be recouped by the increase in responses you get. No reason to waste money on a poorly written ad ;-).

Be sure to repeat your ads often. Keep in mind that people generally don't buy right away. It takes an average of 7 times for your prospects to actually notice your ad and to consider responding or acting on it.

Always be sure to offer something free! Nothing gets attention better than the word FREE. Free report, free consultation, free sample . . . find something that you can offer free if prospects responds within a specific period of time.

Tracking Ads:

OK, now you've got your market targeted, your ad written and you've chosen which ezines you're going to run it in. Now how are you going tell which ads worked? 

Tracking your ads should be an integral part of your marketing plan. From the data you gather, you'll know what ads worked best, and what ezines pulled the best for you.

In order to track your ads, be sure to code each one uniquely. For example, if you are using an email address for prospects to reply to, use something like: or create a unique URL for prospects to go to like: When using a URL, you can use your stats program to see how many visitors came to your URL from that particular ad. If your hosting company doesn't provide stats, try these resources: 


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Terri Gray has been assisting business with their Internet marketing and website design needs for over 4 years. Contact her for a free intitial consultation on your upcoming website design or redesign project.

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Created by Terri Gray

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