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If I told you to visit do you know immediately where you would end up? I bet you can guess, right? Click the link and see where it takes you.

How about if I told you to visit Would you click the link? It's almost impossible to resist isn't it? Unfortunately clicking this link will take you nowhere, but you can you imagine the number of hits a domain name like this would get!

Until recently you would not have been able to visit either of the above sites.


Traditionally, domain names have been limited to 26 characters. This number included the .com at the end, so your eye-catching message was limited to just 24 characters. Today that rule is obsolete.

Have you been frantically searching for a domain name that fits your family, hobby or business but have found that all of the great ones are taken?
Now your options are wide open and you can register domain names up to 67 characters long! In the business world, sometimes slogans are remembered better than the actual business name is.

If this is the case for your business, then registering the slogan as well as the business name will increase the chances of people finding your sites and services.

How can longer domain names benefit products and services?

If you are like many online entrepreneurs, you may have an Ebook or other product that you give away or sell on your site. Imagine how much easier it would be for people to find if your website was the title of your book! Imagine having a site named or

For all of those that have heavy competition online, how well do you think your site would stand out from the crowd if you could register a domain that explains your service right in the name?

For instance: or

And of course many people are registering domains for their family name, personal hobby sites, and club memberships. How about

Ok, now that you've got the ideas, where do you get the domains registered? There are actually only a few places that will even register long domains for you, let alone host them, but one place that will do both is Virtualis Systems.

The latest feature from Virtualis is the ability to register domain names for multiple years - you can register a domain for just one year to promote a time specific or time limited offer, or you can register a domain for up to 10 years if you want to keep it locked into place for a long time. The longer you reserve the domain for, the cheaper your per year cost is.

You don't have to buy a package or other services, you can simply park your domain until you're ready to use it. For more information visit: Virtualis.

Domain Name Searches . . .
You can check on the availability of your 'up-to-67-character' domain names using our convenient search form on:

Need help coming up with some domain name ideas?
We even have a FREE domain name wizard that will help you come up with some great name ideas that are still available!

Just click over to:

Now, most of the domain name ideas in this article are still available for the taking, but I wonder how long it will be before they are snapped up?


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Based on Original Article written by Kathy Burns of SasEz! Publications and Design. Reprinted with permission.



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