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 Business Mailing Lists, E-Zines, Newsgroups and Message Boards - Following are some of our favorite business links. Do you have a favorite resource you would like to share? We welcome your suggestions!

Please let us know if you run across a link or resource that is no longer active. Thank you.

Mailing Lists
Field of Dreams - A mailing list for women in business. Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Info at

NOTE: Following are some mailing list netiquette guidelines to help you enjoy your mailing list experience.
1. Help conserve bandwidth - when responding to a previous post, only include a small portion of it and not the entire message. Never attach documents to mail sent to a mailing list. Instead, you can direct folks to a page where you have loaded the information.
2. If you have a response to someone that is not of interest to the entire group, send it to them personally and not to the group.
3. Think about how you would like to be treated. Please do not criticize, belittle or humiliate someone in public via a mailing list post. If you must say something about a post that was made, please respond to the individual and not the list.



Build Your Business (BYB): To Subscribe: majordomo@eden.comMarketing Tip Of The Day (MTOTD): To SUBSCRIBE, send e-mail MESSAGE: subscribe mtotd

Biz Tips Newsletter: To subscribe or unsubscribe to the Biz Tips Newsletter send email to: with SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Dejanews - search for topic specific to the market or industry you are interested in.

NOTE: Remember not to post ads in these newsgroups, unless you have read the FAQ's and no that it is appropriate to do so. Just because you see other ads, does not mean that it is acceptable. Newsgroup readers do not appreciate "spamming" (unsolicited advertising) in their newsgroups discussions. You could be flamed and even loose your ISP if you continually spam newsgroups. It is appropriate to participate in discussions and to use a short signature(brief marketing message and contact info) at the end of each post (4-6 lines max).

Message Boards
MLM Woman has an excellent message board for discussion of issues related to Network Marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing provides a nice message board for discussion of marketing issues.

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