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Bi-monthly Newsletter -

Issue #1
3 Great Business Tips
Search Engine Tips
So Your Website's Up - Now What?
Issue #2
3 Great Business Tips
On Line Sources For Leads
Issue #3
Secret Business Building Tool
How to Write Effective Headlines

Issue #4
Co-operative Marketing -
  Save $ - Increase Exposure
Networking On-line

Issue #5
4 Quick Biz Tips from Dr. Nunley
Online Marketing Quick Tip
Business Books
Issue #6
5 Ways To Get People To
Trust Your Online Marketing
Online Marketing Quick Tips
Issue #7
Get Busy Gettin' Linked!
On-line Marketing Quick Tips
Off-line Marketing Quick Tips
Issue #8
"Are You Enjoying the Profits Hidden
In Your Own House Mailing List?"
Editor's Comments
On-line Marketing Quick Tips
Off-line Marketing Quick Tips
Issue #9
"Do News Releases Work?"
On-line Marketing Quick Tip
Off-line Marketing Quick Tip

Issue #10
"Entreprenurial Sales Tips"
On-line Marketing Quick Tip
Off-line Marketing Quick Tip
"Build It And They Will Come
. . . Or Will They?"
"Give It Away - Get More Business!"
"Top Three Ways to Prepare Your Voice For An Important Call or Presentation"

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 Business Articles -



"For The American Entrepreneur, Much Of
The Advice Has Fallen On Deaf Ears. . ."
By Larry Wack

"Business to Business Advice for a Home-Based Clerical Service" By John J.O'Callaghan

"How to Find the Best Mailing Lise for Your Offer" By Bob Leduc

"For The American Entrepreneur, Much Of
The Advice Has Fallen On Deaf Ears. . ."
By Larry Wack

"Use E-mail Newsletters to Market Your Small Business On The Internet. How to buy ads, write articles, and put out your own email newsletter"
By Dr. Kevin Nunley

"Target A Niche Market To Increase Your Sales And Profits"
Copyright 1998 By Bob Leduc

"How To Be A Successful Anti-Scam Sleuth"
By Heather Martin

Find Your Perfect Home Business - Using the Internet! By Heather Martin

The Booklet Journey - a (future) self-publisher's must read!

How can email communication affect your business?

The Simple Formula That Guarantees Your Success!


What a Set of Nuts Can Teach Us About Creative Thinking

Increase Your Sales By Being A Buddy

Newsletters - First Class Vs. Third Class Mail

Fly Like a Bee and Soar Like an Eagle in 1998
Fourteen Ways to Evaluate a Business Opportunity
By John J.O’Callaghan

Are you for your own business? Take the Quiz!

Networking >From a List by Nancy Roebke

Using Autoresponders To Boost Your Sales
by Terri Gray

Low-Cost Networking
by Nancy Roebke

Staying Focused
by Yolanda A. Facio

"Methods I use to Promote my Business On-Line"
By Gary Christensen

The Ezine Explosion - Learn how to put this popular new medium to work for your business!

Brochures - An Essential Promotional Tool - Anyone can have a business card or letter head. But a brochure is different. It tells your prospects that you are organized and in business to stay. Learn the steps needed to get your own business brochure started today!

Follow Your Heart - Starting your own home-based business.

When Money Is Tight. . . Tips For Small Businesses- Lesley Spencer, of Spencer Promotions and originator of the Home-based Working Moms Association, offers money saving business tips.

Advantages of Working At Home - by Lesley Spencer,
Founder of Home-Based Working Moms

Increase Sales with Postcards - by Jacci Howard Bear

Outline for Networking Success - by John Ansart

Breaking into Email Cliques by Nancy Roebke

You Can Learn How to Think Creatively
by Jacci Howard Bear

Developing a Contact List (Part I)
by Nancy Roebke

Developing a Contact List (Part II)
by Nancy Roebke

The 10 Commandments of Networking
by Nancy Roebke

How to Use Talk Radio To Promote Your Business FREE
by Kevin Nunley

Sample Press Release
This is an actual press release sent out recently by HBWM

Sample Sales Letters

How To Get The Competitive Edge In Business -
by Rick Hanson

"CARE Packages for the Workplace--A Leadership Style that Promotes Productivity, Passion, and Peace"
by Barbara A. Glanz

Increase Your Profits By Coordinating Online
and Traditional Offline Marketing

Focus on Clean-ups

Sales Letter - Not An Announcement

The Awful Truth About Patents

51 Tips to Promoting Your Business

Help Your Happy Customers Refer Others to You  By Chris McClean

 Business Resources -

 Business Directory

 E-zines, mailing lists, newsgroups & message boards

Links - Our favorite business resource spots on the Web. Feel free to share your favorite resources with us!

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